Meat lockers, ERs, and motivation…

Back to the “job” this past couple weeks. Now don’t get me wrong I love teaching, but in 49 degrees indoors for eight hours? I can’t keep warm and give all my coats and ponchos to the students. Hard part is walking outdoors into 100 degree heat. Don’t tell anyone, but I shimmy out of pants (that are under a dress) and take off my two layers of socks as I head to my car. whoo hoo.
Then get home after picking up my young man from school to not just one but two people in ERs. At least last week it was only one.
Things will get better. It’s all a circle. Feel bad though that I haven’t called an old friend who has had a bad year.
Tomorrow I will do just that and remember that we are not alone.
Really feel like I am clutching the safety bar on this roller coaster ride this week.
Remember to breathe, watch the birds, smell the air, and smile. Or at least smirk.


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