laugh page 1 Finally created a new book!  Going for a universal theme “Laughter”.  Also taking the plunge and putting this baby in print.  Simple and loose illustrations.  Just flowing with a pen and some watercolor.  Whew!  Feels good.

When you laugh  coming soon….


3 thoughts on “Finally….

    1. Well, it depends. There are thumbnails (quick ideas to go with text). That usually helps. This book was a “stand up book”. NO illustrations were done sitting down. There is a huge difference in line and movement when standing. Working from the shoulder when drawing differs from the wrist. While these illustrations are simple…they are full body.
      So it can take me anywhere from a day to 3 to complete illustrations for a book.

      1. Wow standing….thats an interesting idea because when I paint I have to stand and when I draw I prefer to sit. Maybe I can get more movement in my illustrations for my book if I stand…Thanks very interesting.

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